My Favorite Thanksgiving Recipes

** This blog was originally posted in November 2018

Can someone please explain to me how the year is almost over? Seriously, I can’t believe the holidays are around the corner! In honor of Thanksgiving coming up I’m sharing some of my favorite recipes.

  1. Baked Mac and Cheese 
    • Not super traditional, but my family loves this dish. Each year I have to make about 3 pounds!
  2. Sausage Stuffing 
    • What’s Thanksgiving without stuffing? This recipe gives boring stuffing a flavorful upgrade.
  3. Brussels Sprouts 
    • This is Chrissy Teigen’s recipe and is a twist on traditional Brussels spouts.
  4. Mushrooms, Spinach and Feta 
    • A quick and easy side to add to your Thanksgiving spread.
  5. Apple, Goat Cheese and Pomegranate Crostini 
    • A great appetizer.
  6. Apple Pie Crescent Rolls 
    • This dessert is so easy to make and better than traditional apple pie in my opinion.

What are your favorite Thanksgiving sides? Leave a comment below.

Thanks for reading!

XO- Samantha Leigh


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