About Me

This blog is a place where I’d like to share my favorite hobbies: cooking, crafting, and cosmetics.

I’ve been crafty my whole life from painting and coloring as a kid to skipping classes in college to make sorority crafts.

During that same time, I fell in love with makeup. When socials and formals came about I did all my friends makeup.

I discovered my last passion after graduation though. Joining the real world in 2014 I didn’t always know what to do with myself after my 9 to 5. After work I started experimenting in the kitchen, finally putting all of those pinned recipes from my Pinterest account to use.I started cooking for my friends and sharing tips with neighbors.

I’d like to continue my journey in the kitchen and lessons learned with all of you. I will also share fun DIY projects, reviews on beauty products and other life lessons I’ve picked up on my journey so far.

Hope you enjoy!



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