Super Bowl Party Food

Super Bowl Sunday is almost here! I’ve always loved watching the big game. The excitement, the entertainers, the commercials and who can forget about the food!

I’m even more excited this year because my Philadelphia Eagles are playing! There were times in the season when I didn’t think we would make it but I am sure glad they did.


I’m sharing some of my favorite recipes that are perfect for the big day. Win or Lose, Eagles fan or not you will love these yummy treats.


Here they are below! What are your favorite Super Bowl Sunday treats?

  1. Taco Stuffed Peppers
  2. Macaroni Salad 
  3. Turkey Chili 
  4. Chicken Drumsticks 
  5. Zucchini Tots 
  6. Buffalo Chicken Dip
  7. Pizza Rolls 
  8. Light Pasta Salad 
  9. Chicken Salad
  10. Buffalo Chicken Stuffed Shells 
  11. BBQ Ribs 

Thanks for reading!

Are you tuning in on Sunday??

XO Samantha Leigh


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