Tasty Zucchini Tots

As you already know I love using zucchini when I’m trying to cut carbs. These little guys taste a lot like potato pancakes without as much guilt. Of course, I dip/dunk them in sour cream so I end up being a little guilty but hey, my intentions started off good at least.

I think these mini zucchini muffin/patties are great to serve at a party, a side with dinner or as a great snack for work! To make them you’ll need the following:


1 1/2 cups Zucchini
1 Egg, large
1/2 cup Parmesan cheese
1/2 cup Bread crumbs, seasoned

*I tripled this recipe: One because I am crazy. Two because I was making these for a party, my adult Easter egg dying party!

Here’s how you make these tasty tots:

Cut off both ends of zucchini. Then use a cheese grater to grate zucchini into a bowl.
Add in egg, cheese and bread crumbs and mix together with hands.DSC05407
Grease mini muffin tray or baking tray
Spoon the mixture into the mini muffin tray or baking sheet. If using baking tray pat the mixture down a bit. (I used both methods because I didn’t have another mini muffin tray, both came out great!)DSC05415
Bake at 400 for 15-20 minutes

*I also put mine in the broiler for a few minutes because I like mine a little crispy 🙂

DSC05440 DSC05439

Serve with sour cream, marinara, or your favorite dip!

Thanks for reading!



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