Buffalo Chicken Dip

Here is another recipe inspired by my brother. It’s his 18th birthday today and I decided to make one of his favorite treats, Buffalo Chicken Dip. But honestly who doesn’t love this delicious dip. It’s one of the first things to go at my family parties!

The best thing about this dip is you can make it just about as fast as your guests will eat it!

You’ll need the following ingredients

Buff Chic

2 packages of Philadelphia cream cheese- I used the low-fat version to make it slightly healthier

2 large cans of chunk chicken in water

1 tub of bleu cheese crumbles

Half a bottle of bleu cheese dressing- again I used a low-fat version

Hot sauce to your liking

glass dish

Step one

Spread cream cheese blocks evenly on bottom of glass dishBuff Chic

Step two

Open and drain chicken cans and add Chicken on top of cream cheeseBuff Chic

Step 3

Sprinkle on bleu crumblesBuff Chic

Step 4

Drizzle dressing and hot sauce on top

Buff Chic

Buff Chic

Step 4

Cook in oven at 350 degrees for 20-25 minsBuff Chic

Serve with tortilla chips or veggie like carrots or celery for that crunch!

Happy Birthday Matt!

Happy Birthday Matt!

Thanks for reading!

XO- Samantha Leigh


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