Mother’s Day Gift/ Craft 

In honor of Mother’s Day, I decided to share the gift I created for my mom. You can recreate this sentimental gift yourself with a few different steps/ materials. (You can do this for fathers day or other relatives too!) This gift is relatively inexpensive as well.

I got canvas collage printed from Walgreens. It was originally over $50 but I had a coupon making it around $30.

First, to make your props you’ll need to get some wooden letters and decorative pieces.

I got one “M” and one “O” to save money since you really only need one of each because you are taking individual pictures and putting them in to a collage later. DSC00942

I used flowers and spray paint to decorate mine but you can use anything you like paper, acrylic paint, yarn, etc.



Once your letters are decorated to your liking it’s time for your photo shoot. Gather up your family members and head out to your destination. This can be a scenic spot or a special place.

I chose a few different locations for my pictures. Make sure to take a lot of photos so that you have options to pick from for your collage.

DSC01043 DSC01003 DSC00981

When you feel like you have enough pictures to choose from it’s time to go online and make your collage. Luckily there are a ton websites that make it so easy to create canvases and large prints. Like I said I used Walgreens but any pharmacy photo center can do it.

IMG_5667I chose to do my collage on a black background because it goes best with my Mom’s decor but there are plenty of colors to choose from.

Here’s how mine turned out!


I hope this helped you in your future gift giving!!!

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