Sunflower Wreaths

With spring here I like to have my family and friends over for food and fun. Whether it’s a movie night, a game night or crafting night I think it’s fun to stay in every now and then to catch up and do things we enjoy.

eats and etc

Our spread ūüôā

This past weekend we had a crafting night, everyone brought a dish and we made these perfect for spring, sunflower wreaths. (Thanks to our instructor mama Gail)

They’re so simple and fun to make. To recreate these wreaths you will need the following.DSC01387


Metal wreath frame

Pipe cleaners

Deco mesh (green and yellow)


Wire cutters


These are so easy to make. First, secure your deco mesh to the base with a piece of wire. Then bunch a handful and secure with another piece of wire about 2 inches away from your starting point. The closer together you place your wires the fuller your wreath will be. Continue to grab bunches and secure them until you make it all the way around your wreath base. DSC01394


Once you have your yellow deco mesh around the wreath frame it is time to create your leaves. Roll out some green deco mesh and cut into a few pieces varying in length. Ours ranged from 10 to 15 inches.

Before you attach your leaves you want to make a cross in the middle of you wreath frame using your pipe cleaners. This is what your burlap center will be attached to.


Now take your extra pipe cleaners and attach your leaves where you want them. You can add as much as you like. To curl your leaves pull on opposite corners of mesh sheet. DSC01410

At this point, all we have to do is make our burlap center. Cut your burlap the same way you cut the leaves. Only this time you will be rolling it into a circle and securing it with wires to the cross you made earlier. DSC01418

Feel free to add decorative pieces to wreath like a sign or butterflies. You can use a wreath hanger to hang as is or you can attach a ribbon.

These wreaths are so easy to make and add the perfect touch of spring to any home.
Happy crafting! sunflower wreath

sunflower wreath

The Girls

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