25 Date Ideas to Try This Winter

Isn’t there something so cozy and romantic about the holidays and winter? Get me a bottle of wine, a fuzzy blanket, and rent a movie and you have one of my favorite date-night-ins. Here are some more winter activities I am looking forward to trying this season: Go ice skating.
  1. Take a drive and see the holiday lights in your neighborhood.
  2. Attend a tree lighting or Christmas market.
  3. Have a gingerbread house or cookie decoration competition.
  4. See a play or musical.
  5. Volunteer during the holiday season.
  6. Have a pajama day. Stay in your PJs and watch movie and eat snacks.
  7. Plan a spring vacation.
  8. Go sledding.
  9. Sit by a fire.
  10. Try a new restaurant.
  11. Have a game night. Break out those board games!
  12. Become your own hot chocolate critic and go to local coffee shops. Split a hot chocolate and rate them to find your favorite.
  13. Visit a tree farm and cut down your own tree.
  14. Make ugly sweaters for an ugly Christmas sweater party.
  15. Have a Christmas movie marathon.
  16. Get couples massages.
  17. Set goals for the New Year.
  18. Buy a new ornament to commemorate something big that happened within the year.
  19. Create your own hot chocolate bar at home.
  20. If Mother Nature cooperates, make snow angels build snowmen, or have a snowball fight!
  21. Have an at home spa night.
  22. Have a fondue night.
  23. Make homemade ornaments.
  24. Get dressed up and go to a fancy restaurant.
There you have it 25 winter date ideas! Check out my other date ideas below. Don’t forget to leave a comment sharing your favorite winter date ideas before you go! Cheap Fall Date Ideas 
  1. At-home Wine and Cheese Night 
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