Christmas Brunch Ideas

For the past few years, my family and I have been doing a Christmas brunch. It’s so fun and festive. Today I’ll be sharing some great recipes that you can incorporate in your Christmas brunch.

  1. Cranberry Mimosas
    1. A festive twist on the classic brunch cocktail.
  2. Cinnamon Roll Casserole
    1. This recipe is great because it’s made in the Crock-Pot, so you can be doing other things while it cooks.
  3. Eggs Benedict Casserole
    1. This is an easier way to make my favorite, eggs Benedict.
  4. Strawberry Santa Hats
    1. Here’s a festive way to add some fruit to your brunch spread.
  5. Cream Cheese Sausage Balls
    1. These sound amazing!

For more Christmas brunch ideas follow me on Pinterest!

Leave a comment with your favorite brunch recipe below.

Thanks for reading!

XO – Samantha Leigh

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