Goals for the Upcoming Year

If you’ve been following my blog for a while now, you know I love setting goals for myself. Like everyone else, I try and set New Year’s resolutions. I also like to see goals around my birthday that I hope to complete within that year. I celebrated my birthday a few weeks ago, and I can’t believe that this time next year, I will be 27! Like, what?

This meme sums up my feelings right now:


Does anyone else feel this way? Leave a comment below with your favorite #adulting meme!

Ok, back to go goal setting. Here are the goals I would like to commit to for the next year:

  1.  Live in the moment 
    I have a horrible habit of not enjoying where I am at in life. As soon as check something off of my to-do or goal list, I am immediately focused on what needs to be accomplished next, how I can get it done and when. I want to take the time to enjoy the steps I have already taken.
  2. Do 1 thing each day just for me
    I know I can’t be the only one that does this, but too often I find myself rushing to get everything done before going to bed. Cooking dinner, cleaning up, packing lunch, cleaning up again, doing laundry, the list goes on. I want to do something for myself each day that makes me feel good. That can be reading a book for a few minutes, going for a walk, anything that allows me to give myself a boost no matter how big or small.
  3. Learn something new 
    Not sure what exactly I want to learn but, I think all 20 somethings should try and learn something new. I would love to learn to sew and finally make that t-shirt blanket I’ve been talking about since graduating college…. 5 years ago!
  4. Purge some items 
    Like a lot of people, I have a ton of stuff that I can get rid of. My apartment is filled with clothes, makeup, books, and so-on. I also may or may not have things left at my parents’ house. Honestly, I have so much stuff I can barely keep track of it all! I would love to lessen my load this year and get rid of some things.IMG_4820

Check out my goals from last year and see how I did with completing them!

Do you have goals for this year? Leave a comment below!

Thanks for reading!

XO- Samantha Leigh


3 thoughts on “Goals for the Upcoming Year

  1. Steffani says:

    Someone just posted this on Twitter today: “Hello, I’ve finished my free trial of adulting and I’m no longer interested. I’d like to cancel my subscription. Is there a manager I can speak to?” Lol.

    I’m guilty of not staying in the moment as well. Definitely need to work on it. Good luck with your goals!

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  2. Hilary Tan says:

    If I can feed my family, put food in my toddler’s belly, pay the bills and live debt free, go to school and keep the house semi-maintainable then I’m a an adult, an adult who wears kids shoes. Btw I cancelled my subscription of adulting ages ago, along with Netflix. 😂

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