Dupe or Dud: St. Moriz Review

I have been using St. Tropez self-tanner for a few years now. I have it in both medium and dark shades. I recently heard of St. Moriz, and I was intrigued because the name and packaging were similar to St. Moriz. I also loved the price, which was $12.99 compared to the $44 St. Tropez. I purchased mine from Ulta, they often run BOGO 50% on St. Moriz products.

I love my results from self-tanning, but sometimes don’t feel like doing it because of the time it takes to set. I picked up the St. Moriz Professional Fast Tanning Mousse, which takes about 3 hours to develop into a dark shade. They have a few different variations like most self-tanners do, including an Instant Self Tanning Mousse that I wish I knew about before doing research for this post.

Anyway back to my review, St. Moriz was similar to St. Tropez in that it is a colored foam that comes out of the bottles pump. I like that you can see where you are applying the color. The formula was a little thicker than St. Tropez, but it applied very smoothly.

Because the formula was fuller, I feel like I didn’t have to use as much to get the coverage I wanted. After 3 hours of letting the tanner sink into my skin and oxidize, I rinsed off. I was satisfied with the color. It wasn’t streaky or blotchy. I did have one area that was a little darker near my armpit, but after I rinsed off it blended. I think I just applied too much in that area. As I use the product more, I don’t think that will continue to happen.

Overall, I really liked my experience using St. Moriz. The color lasted 4-5 days which is about the same as St. Tropez. Since it takes less time to set I see myself reaching for St. Moriz more. I loved the quality of the product, and for the price difference, I think I officially found a new favorite self-tanner.

I can’t wait to try more from their line, especially the instant tan I mentioned earlier.

Do you self-tan? What are your favorite products?

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Thanks for reading!

XO- Samantha Leigh


4 thoughts on “Dupe or Dud: St. Moriz Review

  1. gingechanel says:

    This is a super informative post! I’ve been wanting to swap from St Tropez to Moriz for a little while but I always get the fear! x


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