How I stay organized!

Today is one of my favorite days of the year! No, it’s not my birthday, it’s not Christmas, it’s not free coffee day at Wawa. No, it’s July 1st and that means I get to start a new planner. There’s something about starting a new planner that gets me really excited. A new beginning, a chance to make plans and create memories.

Now, I live and die by my planner. It’s where I organize everything: important dates, work reminders, daily to-dos. I could go on and on. In addition to my planner, I use several apps on my phone to keep me organized throughout each month.


Here’s how I keep track of my spending, my schedule, and my diet.

Money and Bills:
To say I am obsessed with the Mint app would be an understatement. This app has been a lifesaver when it comes to keeping track of my budget and bills. Prior to this app, I was terrible with keeping my budget. I tried everything. I tried keeping envelopes with money, I tried a budget binder and other methods of keeping finances together and gave up on them all!

Luckily I was introduced to the Mint app from some people at work. This app allows me to sync my credit cards, student loans other bills as well as categorize my spending and create saving goals. When all’s said and done Mint will tell me if I am over budget on my spending categories, if I am set to reach my saving goal and when my bills are due. I like that I can see everything in a chart with colors telling me if I am in the red, green or if I am right on budget.

These days it feels like everyone I love is on opposite schedules. It’s not like College when my four roommates and I did everything together. Everyone has their own lives and other friends and family that they have to fit into their busy schedules. It’s hard to find a time when we can all be together. One way we get around this is by using the TimeTree app. This app allows you to share calendars with several people. I have a friendship calendar where everyone puts in their schedules so that we can find time to catch up. You can have multiple calendars on this app, so I have my work calendar synced, a family with my immediate family and another with my boyfriend. It makes it easy to keep track of my schedule and my loved ones.

I try to eat as healthy as I can on most days. Even when I am just trying to maintain my current weight I find tracking what I eat to be helpful. I use apps like MyFitnessPal to list what I eat for each meal. This helps me stay healthy. When I am not tracking what I eat I find that I slip up more. I may think that I’m eating decent only to remember later that I ate a lot of sweets. Tracking holds me accountable to my goals whatever they may be. Plus, MyFitnessPal shares yummy recipes and fun workouts that I add into my routine.

Staying on top of my finances, schedule and diet help me feel like I have my life together…at least a little bit 🙂 Hope this helps keep you on track as well!

What are your favorite apps to keep organized?

Thanks for reading!


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