Tone It Up check in: Week Two

Have you ever had one of those weeks when you feel like you just can’t get ahead? Yeah, that’s how my week is going. As I’m writing this it’s Wednesday and I am trying so hard to get over that hump!

So far, this week hasn’t been my best for my Tone It Up challenge. I had a business trip in the beginning of the week and I didn’t get the best workouts in. I did, however, wake up on time every morning and finished my booty call workout. I figured getting up and starting the day right would set me up onIMG_0436 a better path and help me battle this stressful week.

When my mood and energy levels got low I pulled out my book and read my word of the day and morning mantra to myself. It didn’t erase my stress but it made me believe that I could get through. It helped me put things in perspective for sure and made me want to do better than I did yesterday.

So, it’s Wednesday and I’m ready to kick the rest of this week’s ass! Get in a good sweat sesh and remember my goals for a healthy diet. What are your tricks for staying positive when your life gets crazy? How do you keep yourself on track?

Thanks for reading!


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