Apricot Chicken Recipe

For those on the go with little time to spare, I don’t think this recipe can get any simpler. But don’t let this quick recipe fool you! It may take no time and require few ingredients but it is filled with flavor!!

Ingredients: DSC00827

Pack of chicken breast

small jar of apricot jam

red pepper flakes

*Did you get all that? 😉


Firsts things first, trim off any fat from the chicken breast and pound them out to make them a little thinner

Mix together apricot and red pepper flakes in a bowl. You can put in as much red peppers flakes as you like depending on your tolerance for spicy flavors.


Line chicken breast on a broiler pan and spoon out apricot mixture onto each breast.


Place pan in broiler on high for 10 to 15 minutes till top layer is crispy

Option about half way through I add more apricot glaze to the chicken while it’s cooking for extra flavor.

I personally like my chicken on the crispier side, you don’t have to let your glaze get this dark. Just because the top layer is crispy doesn’t mean you won’t bite into juicy flavor-fulness.


*serves nicely with grilled asparagus, brown rice, roasted cauliflower, baked potatoes, etc.

Happy Cooking!!!

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