Sephora Holiday Gift Set Guide

There is so much I love about the holidays. Time with family and friends, giving and receiving presents, a little time off from work and the overall holiday cheer! Two things I’m especially excited about for the upcoming holidays is all the new makeup and holiday gift sets that are coming out!

Both Sephora and Ulta have started releasing their sets, and they look amazing! I love holiday gift sets for two reasons. First, I love being able to stock up on some of my favorite products for a good price. Second, I like being able to try smaller sample sizes from brands that I haven’t gotten a chance to try or normally wouldn’t purchase due to pricing and such.

Here is a list of gift sets that have caught my eye so far this year.

  1. Sephora Collection Face Mask Magic 
    • Price: $25
    • This is perfect for my self care babes looking to try out some new masks!
  2. Sephora Favorites Lashstash 
    • Price: $48
    • I love this because you can try a bunch of new mascaras without committing to a full-size at full price! These minis are the perfect size to get a sense for if you like the formula and brush/wand of the mascara.
  3. Sephora Favorites Give Me More Lip
    • Price: $68
    • Again, this is great for testing lippies to see what formulas you like without committing to the full-sized product. I think lippies can be a little intimidating when it comes to new shades and formulas especially when they get a little pricey. This allows you to experiment a little more.
  4. Drunk Elephant Inspector Drunk Night Kit 
    • Price: $98
    • If you follow any influencer on Instagram, you’ve heard all the rave reviews of Drunk Elephant products. This is one of the brands I haven’t tried. Because skin care can get expensive, I recommend trying their holiday sets so you can get a feel for the products and see if you like them. I’m seriously considering getting this set before joining the Drunk Elephant bandwagon.
  5. Too Faced Under the Christmas Tree Breakaway Face & Eye Set
    • Price: $49
    • I’m a huge fan of Too Faced, and this packaging is so cute! You could also buy this set and break it up amongst smaller gifts as more of a stocking stuffer type thing.
  6. First Aid Beauty Skin Summit 
    • Price: $48
    • Last but not least, First Aid Beauty is one of my favorite skin care brands. Every year I try to get one of their holiday sets. They usually have some that include full-sized products, so it makes it easy to stock up!

Those are some sets that initially caught my eye. Like this post or leave a comment below if you would like to see another post like this for the holidays! And let me know what sets you are loving! Sephora Gift Guide

Thanks for reading!

XO – Samantha Leigh


12 thoughts on “Sephora Holiday Gift Set Guide

  1. Vicky says:

    Sephora is one of my favorite places to shop for Christmas gifts. There are so many people I can check off my list there. I might even get the lip set for myself!


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