How I Stick to my Grocery Budget

Earlier this week I posted this list of monthly grocery budget based off family size on my Facebook page and asked what you thought of the prices. I recently moved in with my boyfriend and we strive to keep our monthly grocery budget to around $300. Weekly we try to spend about $70. pic for grocery blog

Here’s how I stick to my grocery budget (or at least how I try to stick to it)

Plan your meals for the week
The first thing I do is plan my meals for the week before I go shopping. This helps me stick to my list when shopping because i know exactly what I need to make each meal. I also try to make meals with similar ingredients, so that nothing goes to waste.

Buy produce at a fruit/farm stand
The fruit and salads from the grocery store are so expensive and you get very little for the price. I am lucky enough to work near a produce junction. I am able to get my weekly fruits and veggies for around $15 and I often have extra at the end.

Buying Bulk
When it comes to buying in bulk we stick to pantry staples with products like paper towels, trash bags, etc. This is something new that we’ve tried and I believe it will really help in the long run. It is more money upfront but we won’t have to stock up on these things as often which will save us money. On the months that we need repurchase items our expenses will be higher on groceries.

I am new avid Aldi shopper. They’re products aren’t name-brand but they’re good quality and cheap. I get so much from here for the week for so cheap. I buy almost everything here except my produce. They have great snacks and I don’t mind their meat selection either.

Shopping Sales
I get the weekly circulars from grocery stores in my area telling me what deals are going on. If I see a sale on my favorite things I will go for it. If you are shopping sales be sure to base what you’re cooking for the week around the sale. Be weary of buying things just because they are on sale doing this is a slippery slope. I can often get sucked into sales but if you don’t need it don’t buy it!

What do you think of these money-saving tips? How do you stick to your grocery budget?

Thanks for reading!

XO- Samantha Leigh


26 thoughts on “How I Stick to my Grocery Budget

  1. sharemoneyideas says:

    You have some good ideas Here. Do you use Ibotta? It would not work at Aldi’s; but it works @ Walmarts or Kroger brand stores. Thought you would enjoy Ibotta (if you don’t already). It’s an easy to use, cash back rewards app. I use it every time I shop, and thought you would like it too! Use my referral code, bjoitwq, and you can get a $10 welcome bonus. Sign up at
    No pressure just let me know if you sign up for it because I would want to try to help you get your $100 in referral bonuses. Again no pressure; but I find it useful in getting a little cash back for purchases I am already making.


  2. Brittany says:

    We easily spend close to $1300 a month on groceries for our family of 4. I’m constantly trying to find ways to save but organic foods add up so fast! They recently opened an Aldi near us so i’ve been loving shopping there. Thanks for all of the tips!


  3. anhistorianabouttown says:

    I stick to my list and the budget I’ve set for that week, I do a vegetarian day once or twice a week, and I specifically keep the ingredients for a handful of cheap but nutritious meals on hand that I know I like. Keeping things on hand that I know I enjoy is key!!


  4. la shell says:

    Awesome tips. Some of mine are to buy only what i’m going to use in the same week where produce is concerned. Mine always wastes. And yes, I make sure to buy from the stand. And I love store brand stuff! Usually much cheaper and I can’t tell the difference in quality.


  5. travelingpari says:

    Wow! weekly fruits and veggies for under $15! That’s pretty good. I wish I had a farm stand close to my house. At that price, I would definitely go for it.


  6. Madi Dearson says:

    First thing I have to say that I love the fact that you take the time to plan a budget for your grocery shopping. I have to admit that this is my weakness when it comes to home ec. I do mind prices and buy bulk and sales at superstore etc, but I can never plan a budget for it, especially since i had my kids. We have a ball park figure of our monthly grocery budget,but after years of doing it We have a sort of routine when it comes to our shopping and food habits, (kids are not too diverse with what they eat) so we end up spending the same amount every month which is about 670$ for a family of 5. I do however cook and bake a LOT. We also buy our fruits and Veggies for the farmer.


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