Dishing up the deets on the new blog name!

You might have noticed that my blog is no longer called “Eats and Etc.” I loved that name when I started my blog, and I still do but, recently I had a bit of an identity crisis. I began to think about where I wanted my blog to go and what I wanted to write about moving forward.

I started this blog mainly, for two reasons:

After college, I began experimenting in the kitchen. I would share pictures of my meals on Facebook. Family and friends started asking for the recipes so, I came up with the idea for a blog. Cooking is definitely, one of my passions and the main topic of my blog. I love sharing new recipes and coming up with my own. Cooking for people I care about makes me so, happy. I will continue to share my latest meals here.

My passion for makeup is the other reason behind my blog. Throughout college, I would do my friends’ makeup. I was their go-to person for new, hot products. People would always ask me, what products I used or my opinions of brands.

blog pic

As my blog progressed, I began posting more lifestyle topics like health tips and fashion hauls. The additions are what caused my crisis. The more I thought about it, “Eats and Etc.” no longer seemed to fit. I started to feel that “Eats” didn’t represent my recipes and “Etc.” was too broad to describe the other topics.

Then, “Dishing Up Chic” was born. I will still be sharing recipes that I’m “dishing up,” plus chic tips on makeup, fashion, and health. I love this new name and I hope you do too! Stick around to see what I will be “Dishing up” next!

Thanks for reading!
XO – Samantha Leigh



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