Updated Fall Decor

This is my second fall in my apartment, wow time flies. Even though I got a ton of stuff last year to decorate, I had to make some additions this year because let’s be real I can’t resist the Target dollar section or Michaels for too long.

I have so many DIYs I’d like to do for fall, but I am sadly running out of room, and I don’t have much an outside space. I look forward to having a home one day where I can really expand my fall decor collection.

These days my color scheme is greens, golds, and creams. I keep this theme throughout the year, so when the holidays come, I can complement the decor that I already have in my apartment, except for my kitchen that I do in reds and warmer hues.

I like to keep all of my decor pretty budget-friendly, check out my favorite places for seasonal decorations in my post Fall Decor Finds. You can see how I decorated things last year, in that post as well.

Here are some of my updates below:

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