The Dish on my Trip to Baltimore

Last weekend I took a quick, little trip to Baltimore. Being from New Jersey, I am really close to a lot of nice places to visit. I’ve visited Baltimore quite a few times, and after helping friends plan their trip, I knew I wanted to go back soon. I found a Groupon for a hotel in the inner harbor so, my boyfriend and I packed our bags and left.

Here’s what we did on our trip:

La Tavola: If you ever visit Baltimore, I highly recommend checking out Little Italy. La Tavola is one of many cute restaurants there. It’s built into the city houses and has many dining rooms through winding staircases. The food is so delicious. I had spinach ravioli in a gorgonzola sauce, so yummy.

Power Plant: If you’re from the Philadelphia area and have been to Xfinity, this place is just like that. There are a few bars in one little complex. Each bar has a different theme. It’s a really fun place!

Fell’s Point Ghost Tour: Fell’s Point is rich with history. It was once known as Fell’s Port, where sailors and pirates would come in on ships and drink and party until they shipped out on the next boat. On the tour, we went around the town to the locations that were supposedly haunted. Our tour guide was hilarious and made hunting ghosts very entertaining. If you’re like me and aren’t into scary things, you’ll still like this tour because it was way more funny than scary!

Inner Harbor: We spent a few hours walking around the Inner Harbor, checking out stores and hanging out by the water. The weather and the view were great!

National Aquarium: One of my favorite Aquariums. There are so many fun exhibits. I love the Jelly Fish. There is also a great shark exhibit, with some pretty large sharks! My boyfriend and I had a lot of fun here. IMG-0222

V-No Wine Bar: After spending time at the Inner Harbor, we took a water taxi to Fell’s Point. This wine bar was so cute. It had little tables out front by the water. My boyfriend and I had a few glasses of wine as the sun went down and we waited for our ghost tour.

Pitango Bakery + Cafe: Also in Fell’s Point right near the wine bar actually. The interior is so cute and cozy, I could have sat there all day. I got a hazelnut iced latte so delish!

Abbey Burger Bistro: After our ghost tour, we were starving! We stopped at this Bistro to watch the Yankees game and grab some grub. We had the fried pickles, which were a little too breaded for me. I had the wedge salad and oh my gosh the blue cheese dressing was so good. I love a wedge salad and this seriously satisfied my craving.

My trip to Baltimore was the perfect little weekend trip. It was a great balance of fun and relaxation. I’m looking forward to my next chance at a weekend getaway.

Where’s your next trip? What are you planning to do there?

Thanks for reading!

XO- Samantha Leigh






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