Travel essentials: things I’d be lost without

My life has become a constant cycle of packing and unpacking a suitcase. Between business trips, visiting friends/boyfriend and the occasional getaway, I’ve become pretty good at packing.

Although I am notoriously known for overpacking, I’ve really been able to cut things down a lot in recent times. Here’s what I’d be lost without while traveling:

Sweatshirt: I like to be comfortable especially if I’m spending long amounts of time in the car, so I typically pack a comfortable outfit specifically for driving. One time during a work road trip I pulled over into a Target and bought a complete outfit including slippers to drive home in because I was so uncomfortable. Maybe this was drastic but 7 hours in a car will do that to you in my opinion. Sweats are also great for downtime during your trip whether that’s business or pleasure.

Camera: I may be one of the very few people that still do this, but I actually take pictures and get them printed to be put in albums and dated. I’m all about documenting memories so, that’s why I bring a camera with me everywhere. One day I’ll be able to sit down and look back on the beautiful moments I’ve shared with people.

Dancing shoes (or in my case awkwardly swaying shoes): You never know when a party is going to break out! That’s why I bring one nice pair of shoes with me; just in case I need to dress up an outfit on short notice.

Some type of entertainment: for that occasional downtime on a business trip, waiting for a plane or my favorite chilling by the pool on vacation. My favorite entertainment is a book, followed by my Ipad and lastly phone. I hate being bored so I’ll have music, podcasts, movies, and YouTube loaded up on my phone or Ipad when it comes time for my trip and of course, I have my book of the month with me at all times.

What are some of your travel essentials?

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6 thoughts on “Travel essentials: things I’d be lost without

  1. Jenna Prosceno says:

    I don’t travel very much anymore, but when I do I’m a big fan of putting everything into a carry on. I had a bad experience with checked luggage once, and since then I’ve forced myself to pack very light. Therefore, my essential is this one particular bag that I have that is large enough for everything, has a TON of compartments, and can fit in an overhead bin.

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