My favorite long-lasting makeup products

Ok ladies, let’s get real! Being a wedding guest is no walk in the park. Unlike men, who just throw on a suit and go, we have to put in some work. As a wedding guest, you are going to be part of someone’s big day memories forever plus you might be in some pictures to prove it! You want to look good! There’s the dress, the hair, the nails, and the makeup. Everything needs to be on point!

If you’ve opted to do your own makeup and are nervous about it lasting all day and night long, don’t worry I have you covered with a great list of products that will hold up through dancing, drinking, and maybe some tears. 


Here are the products I use in the order that I apply them:

Base: For makeup to last al day and night long it starts with the base. First, make sure your skin is moisturized. Then it’s time for your primers. DSC06554Smash Box Primer Water
Benefit Cosmetics- Stay Flawless 15 Hour Primer Stick
This combo is my go-to for when I need my makeup to last.


Wet N Wild Photo Focus Foundation in Golden Beige

This foundation is my current obsession and it’s so inexpensive. This foundation claims to have gone through 7 different lighting tests including the foundation flash photography test. This foundation is nice and light and gives a beautiful finish to the skin.

Urban Decay Primer Potion
Shadows: various shades from the Violet Voss Laura Lee Palette and The Saharian by Juvia’s Palace 

DSC06570Tip: Use clear tape on the outer lid to catch shadow fall out and for a sharp edge to the eye. I also sprayed my eyeshadow brush with a little water to create a foil effect on the glittery shades. This will make shadows last longer as well.

Essence Brow Gel in Browny Brown

Tarte Shape Tape in Light-Medium Honey
This concealer is the best. Great coverage and doesn’t settle in fine lines.

Setting Powder: This step is so important to make your look last! Make sure to set your under eyes and face with a setting powder to lock your makeup in place.
Laura Mercier Setting Powder

Tarte Chocolate Soleil Bronzer
Long- lasting and it smells like chocolate, what more could you want.

Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Royal 


Smashbox Spotlight Palette in Gold 


Finishing Sprays:
Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray 
This last step is really important as it will lock your makeup into your skin and reduce cakiness. 

These are all of my go-to products for when I need my makeup look to last. What are some of the products that you use?

Thanks for reading!
XO- Samantha Leigh


18 thoughts on “My favorite long-lasting makeup products

  1. Josh at says:

    Not really one for me but will pass on to my girlfriend ahead of two weddings next year. I wouldn’t say men just throw on a suit, I also have to make sure I don’t get hot and bothered while waiting for my other half to get ready! 🙂


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