Staying “healthy” on a business trip

I swear I have the worst timing. Recently I fell off the health and fitness bandwagon and just when I try to get back on I had to go on a business trip.

I could have used my business trip to put off getting back on track but I didn’t. I did my best to make sure that I had healthy food with me and when I was out I tried my best to choose better options.

IMG_1888 (1) Here’s what I did to keep myself from falling off.

Stocked the room with snacks
Brought a gym outfit
Had a huge water jug with me at all times
Planned a walked
Hit up the hotel gym
Did my best to pick healthy options when I was out

These are all little changes you can make while away for business or pleasure.

Leave a comment below if you want to see a post on where I am on a fitness journey and how I am getting things back on track.

What are your tips for sticking to your goals while away? 

Thanks for reading!

XO- Sam


24 thoughts on “Staying “healthy” on a business trip

  1. Jenna Prosceno says:

    Hi Sam!

    I fell off recently too. While I kept up my gym routine, I ate a ton of sugar and horrible fried and processed foods. It was like I couldn’t get enough! By day 2 of bad eating I was like “oh well, might as well keep going”! I realized that it was a bit of self-sabotage on my end. Sometimes we fall off to experience the other side of things which helps to remind us of why we want this lifestyle after all. Great job catching yourself and making better choices!


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  2. Bento Momentos says:

    I find that I tend to lose weight when I’m on vacation… Less mindless snacking and more exploring (or too tired from exploring to think about food :))!


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