That’s a wrap: Final Tone It Up check in

Why I started:
Flashback to a few weeks ago I wanted to lose a few pounds and tone up my body in time for summer! I was drawn to the Tone It Up book for the positive outlook and encouragement of a fit lifestyle. Not only did it teach me new workouts and healthy recipes but I also learned new tricks for being more self-aware mentally and spiritually. Check out what I gained from my journey below!


My workout buddy is always by my side 🙂

What I’ve learned:
I don’t want to say I am a negative person because I am generally happy and easy going. But sometimes I become stressed out by everything I have going on; work, family, friends and trying to fit everything and everyone into my already busy life. I put a lot of pressure on myself to be the best person I can be for everyone in my life. Then there’s finding time for myself. Pursuing my goals in life, trying to remain fit and healthy while balancing everything else in life is hard sometimes.

I can’t be the only one that feels this way right? I get myself dizzy juggling everything. The biggest thing I took from the Tone It Up book is to be more centered. Katrina and Karena really encouraged me to take the time to reflect and find peace within myself, to focus on living in the moment and find the good in my current state. I swear I felt like the words of the day was selected just for me and where I’m at with life. This brings me to the now…

Where am I going from here?DSC05811
I am going to continue my positive journey by journaling my thoughts. Since the start of my Tone It Up challenge I’ve found journaling to be really therapeutic and helpful. I bought the journal below and will write one good thing that happened from each day going forward. This will serve as a reminder that there’s always at least one good thing in each day even if you think it was complete sh!t. This can be something small like going for a walk or enjoying a nice cup of coffee. I am going to focus on that moment big or small.

I couldn’t be happier with my experience following the Tone It Up book. I gained so much more than a toned body and that’s a toned mind, body, and spirit!

How do you find balance when life gets crazy?

Thanks for reading!



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